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Enviren: Solar & Electrical

Our focus is to deliver personalised outcomes to suit individual need, lifestyle, and budget.


Founded in 1989, Enviren is a driven and committed business passionately committed to sustainable building, office refurbishment and electrical services.


Throughout our twenty-two year history we’ve constructed hundreds of residential properties - and re- refurbished a variety of office spaces - across South East Queensland.


We guarantee a seamless transition from planning to construction, and offer our clients flexible and reliable service across every step of the process.

Everything we do – whether residential or commercial - is delivered with a personalised approach and a commitment to sustainability.


By choosing to build a “passive” energy efficient house you are guaranteed to save thousands in its long-term running costs.  And with the cost of energy on an exponential rise, more and more people across the world are opting to build with this at the forefront of their minds.


A passive house is built with high levels of insulation, exceptional air tightness, and energy-efficient glazing and frames. The whole house is mechanically ventilated with heat recovery for good indoor air quality.


The reduced energy demand of a passive house is provided by renewable sources, such as solar panels and solar thermal water heating.


For the best advice, get in touch with us today on 1300 300 027 or request an obligation Free Site Assessment now.


Why Choose Enviren?



We aren’t just another player in the construction game. Our professional and friendly sales and customer service staff are supported by qualified professionals who go the extra mile to ensure our customers are extremely happy with their work.

By explaining everything in advance, and ensuring only the best service, we guarantee a hassle free and enjoyable service. We have literally helped thousands of households assess, evaluate, and install an appropriate solar solution.


  • We only employ qualified and trained specialists. This is done to ensure that our business operates within the prescribed governmental guidelines and guarantees a high level of professionalism.
  • Our employees undergo a comprehensive training and development program that meets top industry standards!
  • Our team of installers are highly qualified, experienced, insured, and offer friendly customer service to match.
  • We are easily reachable to assist you every step of the way. You’ll never be left in the dark, as a friendly customer service consultant is just a phone call away on 1300 300 027 or you can also place your request via our Contact Page.




Ask about our payment plan that lets you purchase goods or services today, by simply paying a small initial deposit. The balance can then be paid over a period of time that suits you.


Solar Power your home from just $25 per week.


The Queensland Government's Solar Bonus Scheme feed-in tariff rate of 8 cents per kilowatt will end on June 30 2014.


We can help you get the most from your solar by connecting you in time to receive the mandated 8 cents.


Solar Power systems are often thought to be maintenance free. However, with occasional maintenance the performance of your system can be maximised.


Have your system inspected and cleaned by a Clean Energy Council accredited electrician today.


Do the best by your family and install a solar power system today. With energy bills on an exponential rise, there's never been a better time to install solar PV.


Call enviren's experts now and start producing you own renewable energy today.


QLD BSA Licence 1273257, NSW Contractor 253597C