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The Queensland Government’s Solar Bonus Scheme feed-in tariff rate has been changed from 44 cents per kilowatt to 8 cents per kilowatt for new customers.


New customers wishing to access the old rate were required to lodge an application to connect with their electricity distributor by the 9th of July.


The distributor will consider all applications against Scheme eligibility criteria. However, if your current installer is failing to commit to their obligations, customers are free to change their installer without jeopardising their entitlement to the 44-cent tariff rate


Applications for network connection needed to be lodged by the 9th of July if you wish to apply for the 44-cent tariff. There will be no extensions or exceptions made.


If you missed the cut-off date, give enviren a call. At enviren we can help you maximise the new tariff rate by helping you connect with a solar friendly energy retailer. Some Queensland energy retailers will be offering their own feed-in tariffs on top of the guaranteed 8 cents, so give us a call.


Rebate type Queensland Solar Bonus Scheme
Eligible renewable technology Grid-connected solar photovoltaic (electricity) systems
Applicable sector Households and small energy consumers
Rebate amount $0.08 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) for every kWh fed back into the grid after in-home consumption. (Net metering)  Some retailers are offering an extra $0.08 cents per kWh 
Additional information Customers total annual consumption must be less than 100 megawatt hours (MWh) per annum. System size capped at 5Kw.
Contact information For more information Ph.(07) 3898 0375 or email:solarbonusscheme@dme.qld.gov.au or go to the website http://www.cleanenergy.qld.gov.au/demand-side/solar_bonus_scheme.cfm


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