If you are a homeowner or business owner in the state of Queensland you are needlessly spending money on electricity, money that you could be putting into your own pocket.

Queensland enjoys one of the highest numbers of sunny days per year of any region on the planet. Our sunny days average around 260 per year. That’s over two-thirds.

At the same time we also pay some of the highest energy rates among developed countries in the world. The US, for example, pays, on average, only about one-third of what we do.

With a high number of sunny days combined with high energy rates, it’s a perfect storm of reasons that begs the question: Why isn’t everyone in Queensland using Solar Power for their energy needs?


Taking Advantage of Solar Power for Long-term Savings

Maybe it’s because some homeowners simply don’t realise how solar power works in this day and age. The people who shy away from it simply based on up-front costs probably don’t see the complete, solar energy picture.

If you are someone that has dismissed the idea of upgrading your home to solar power because of the initial cost, please consider some of the facts. Banks and lending institutions are usually more than happy to give the homeowner an equity loan that will reduce your up-front costs to down to nothing at all.

They see a solar power upgrade as an upgrade to the very asset the homeowner is using to secure the loan. The on-going savings the homeowner will realise once their home is powered by solar energy is enough to pay back the up-front costs very quickly.
Once the installation costs are recovered, those savings go right into the homeowner’s pocket.


Working Hand-in-Hand with Your Energy Company

The reason behind these on-going savings, are in the way that solar power is tied into your community’s electrical grid.
Solar panels generate electrical power on a continuous basis, whether or not you are home to make use of it. By tying into the local power grid, your energy company actually buys the electric power that you don’t use for a set fee per kilowatt hour.

In effect, you are setting up your own power-generating station and selling the power you generate back to your local energy company.


The Nuts and Bolts of Solar Power Installations

Solar panel systems can be easily installed by any qualified solar company. Solar panels are also amazingly low-maintenance, as they have no moving parts. Just keep them clean of any dirt, dust and grime to keep them operating at their peak efficiency and that’s about all there is to it.

Enviren Solar is a solar company based in Brisbane, Queensland. Give us a call if you have any lingering reservations you need to have answered before making the perfect storm of Queensland something that pays benefits to you.