The back-seat that energy companies have been forced to take with the advent of electricity-generating solar panels is astounding.
Energy companies used to have such a guaranteed demand that governments had to regulate how much they could charge. Oh, how those times have changed.

They are only going to get worse for the energy companies as more and more homeowners and businesses take advantage of the solar power revolution.


You Don’t Have to Be Rich to Take Advantage of Solar Power

As long as you’re a homeowner, you can easily qualify for an equity loan to upgrade to a solar power installation. It’s a win-win for the bank and the homeowner.

The bank knows that the loan will increase the value of the home. The homeowner sees an immediate decrease, or zeroing out, of their electric bills. This makes the loan well-worth the investment.


Solar Energy Systems are Very Low-maintenance

A hose and a brush are all you need to maintain your solar panels. This is because there are no moving parts in a solar power installation. There is simply not a lot that can go wrong with them.

As long as you keep your solar panels free of dirt and dust, they will continue to perform for years at the same level of efficiency as when they were first installed. Hosing and brushing them off a few times a year is all you need to do.


Turn the Tables on Your Energy Company for a Change

Solar panels that are hooked into your community’s electrical grid are how you take advantage of their ability to generate electricity throughout the day. Your energy company will pay you a certain rate per kilowatt hour for energy that you don’t use.

​Solar panels continuously generate electricity, even if you are not home to use it. By hooking up to your local energy grid, you can continue to earn credits toward your electric bill throughout the day.


No Sun, No Worries

The efficiency of solar panels continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Whereas the earliest solar panels had to have direct sunlight to work correctly, the solar panels these days are much more efficient.

If the sun is up, even if it’s hidden behind clouds, solar panels are able to harness energy from it. In other words, if it’s daylight, your solar panels are generating electricity.


Current Technology is Worth Investing In

While people were understandably sceptical about the savings they would realise when solar panels were first introduced, those days are long gone.

At Enviren Solar, we use Trina 260w solar panels. These are the number one-rated solar panels in the Australian solar marketplace. They are low-light panels that continue to deliver energy in the morning, evening and even under cloudy skies.

If you are a Brisbane area homeowner who has decided to invest in a solar panel installation, give us a call. We’ll explain exactly why you’ll be making the right choice.